Get to know us


I am a sole proprietor from Jyväskylä and I make all the products myself in my sewing room in Jyväskylä.

I design all products starting from materials and patterns to be comfortable, beautiful and practical. The purpose is to make clothes that cannot be found elsewhere, and my clothes have happy and beautiful, carefully chosen patterns. The patterns include many patterns by the Finnish artist Hanna-Maria Mainelakeuti, and there are also many patterns that I print myself when they cannot be found elsewhere.

It is also possible to order all products in the store in different patterns or sizes. Just send a message and we'll make exactly the kind of garment you want.

There is no permanent store, but by leaving a message you can come to my office or my home to the online store warehouse to see the products. In addition, I travel to different trade fairs and events, so check where I am next time on the events page.

In addition, my services include the usual services of a sewing shop, such as repair sewing and custom work.

So take a look at the ready-made products in the online store or send a message about repair sewing and we'll get your wardrobe in order!

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