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3 heart scented candle

3 heart scented candle

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This large glass candle has 3 wooden cores and burns for at least 100 hours. The giant candle is 12.5 cm in diameter.

The wooden heart still gives the candle its own atmosphere, because the flame is wider and the wood crackles atmospherically as it burns.

Soy wax burns cleaner than stearin and paraffin and, as the name suggests, it is made from soybeans. Soy wax is organic and vegan.

The candle has 2 most popular scents, Lämpöinen or Cranberry-Juniper

The warm aroma has orange, cranberries and cinnamon. The scent is warm and slightly sweet berry and a touch of cinnamon gives a spicy note.

Cranberry-juniper berry is a fresh and cheerful berry scent.



Varastossa olevat tuotteet lähetetään 1-3 arkipäivän kuluessa. Tilaustuotteet toimitetaan 2-4 arkipäivän kuluessa.

Toimituskulut 4,9€ Postin XXS-pakettina joka toimitetaan suoraan kotiin.

Toimituskulut Smartpost automaattiin tai matkahuollon pakettiautomaattiin 5,9€



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