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Nuttura's helper, Flora

Nuttura's helper, Flora

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With the bun tool made of fabric and stainless wire, you can get a beautiful bun hairstyle in no time. You get a bun decorated with a beautiful bow. You can change the hairstyles when you put the bun on the side or leave part of the hair open.

With the bun helper, you can use a bun underneath if you want a tight hairstyle, if you want a more relaxed bun, you can make the bun without a bun.

If you're like me, you appreciate an easy and quick hairstyle, and it's a plus if it still looks good. And with this, you can always get a hairstyle that meets those criteria in no time. You can change up your hairstyle when you make a bun to the side or tie only part of the hair with a helper.

You can always use the Nuttura assistant again and again.

If necessary, the bunting tool can be washed at 40-60 degrees and dried in a tumble dryer.

The assistant comes in two sizes. The pictures show the size M for long hair, and in addition, the novelty is a slightly smaller model (S) that fits hair that reaches around the shoulders or a little more (note that if the hair does not reach a regular bobber, it will hardly fit with this one either.) That is, if your hair is a bit around shoulder length is a smaller size probably better. A smaller size (S) may also be more suitable for children, or for those with thinner hair.

As an extra, this is a great exercise tool for sore shoulders if you have really long hair.


100% Puuvilla

Kaikki materiaalit ovat Öko-text ja Gots sertifioituja


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Toimituskulut 4,9€ Postin XXS-pakettina joka toimitetaan suoraan kotiin.

Toimituskulut Smartpost automaattiin tai matkahuollon pakettiautomaattiin 5,9€


Pesu 40 asteessa. Kestää rumpukuivauksen. Ei kloorivalkaisua. Silitys 2 astetta.

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