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Peony candle

Peony candle

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A new model for soy wax candles. The wonderful Pioni candle is an absolutely wonderful decoration for the spring setting! The delicate details don't even stand out enough in the pictures. The delicate petals literally come alive live.

Initially, the candle is available in off-white, soft pink and delicate purple tones. Furthermore, since all candles are made by hand, there may be shade differences between batches.

Candles made of soy wax burn cleaner than traditional candles made of stearin or paraffin.

The candle is about 4cm high and the diameter is about 7.5cm at its widest.

Burning time about 6h


100% olive wax


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Treatment instructions

Burn the candle in increments of a couple of hours at most. Otherwise, the soy wax candle may lose its shape and the burning time will be shortened significantly if the candle is burned by Mota for an hour straight.

When burning a candle, safety should always be remembered. Never burn a candle under flammable materials. Do not leave the candle burning alone. The candle must be out of the reach of children and pets. Always use a base suitable for burning candles under the candle. If you burn several candles at the same time, always leave a large enough space between the candles, about 10 cm. The manufacturer is not responsible for damages caused by an improperly lit candle.

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Candles create atmosphere

Beautiful candles create atmosphere with their flame and appearance. More and more often, candles are a decoration element that harmonizes with the rest of the interior. For example, the popular bubble candles, which have been seen in many interior design blogs, magazines and social media.

Scented candles, on the other hand, create an atmosphere in the room as a whole, also with their scent.

Wooden heart candles have their own charm, because the flame is much wider compared to a traditional wire heart and, in addition, when burned, they emit a small crackle when the wood burns. The wooden heart raises the candle to its own level of luxury.

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