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Suomalainen Työn Liitto has awarded the products of Ompelimo Mirage, a company operating in Jyväskylä, with the Avainlippu symbol as proof that the product is made in Finland. The product groups that received the key tag are children's and women's clothing and linen accessories.
The key flag is a sign of Finnish work. The label can be granted to a product that is manufactured in Finland. In addition, the share of Finnish costs in the cost value of the product, i.e. the degree of domesticity must be at least 50 percent. The calculation takes into account all costs related to the product.
-With the mark, the domesticity of the products can be brought out even better, and with pride, we will continue the development of the company and make the company known. It's good to continue the summer live sales proudly with the Key Ticket ID. - Reetta
The key flag brand is very well known in Finland. According to Suomalainen Työ Liito's research, practically all business decision-makers and consumers are familiar with Avainlipu. The majority of Finns (75%) also think that Avainlippu has a positive effect on purchase decisions, and about half of Finns associate responsibility with the Avainlippu brand.
Reetta Mentu, marketing manager of the Finnish Labor Union, states that the purchase of a domestic product is perceived as a social influence and a responsible choice of values ​​that contributes to Finnish competitiveness and well-being.
- Consumers attach positive images of domesticity, reliability, safety, responsibility and employability to Avainlippu. Through the key ticket, companies can communicate important values ​​to their customers and other stakeholders. 92 percent of the companies carrying the Key Flag say that the mark supports the sale of products and services, Mentu says.
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